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How to become a good playlist curator

What is the difference between a good and a bad playlist curator?

Well, there are a few steps in my opinion that seperates the good ones from the bad ones. First of all, a good playlist curator would never charge anyone for a spot in their playlist. Charging for a spot in your playlist, or payola as it’s called is both prohibited by Spotify and it’s immoral.

I thought that I’d share a few tips on how to become a good playlist curator.

Find your nische – Make sure that you find your nische for your playlist whether it’s new releases, a specific genre, a specific decade, specific mood etc. This way you can target a particular audience. Use your cover photo, title and playlist bio to let potential followers know what they’re in for. People are often searching for a specific artist, genre or mood so include them in your bio. Keywords are important! This way the audience knows what they’re gonna get and they will continue to come back and listen to your playlist. Try to make sure that you also introduce something new for the audience so that they can discover new music that they havent heard before. When you’re choosing the artcover for your playlist, make sure that the image is your own or royalty free. Spotify can delete your playlist for copyright violation.

Write good feedback – Make sure that you write constructive and honest feedback for the artists that are  submitting to your playlist. Just writing that you don’t like the track or don’t think that the track is a good match for your playlist is not enough. What do you like/don’t like about the song? Why is it not a good fit for your playlist? What do you think about the mix & master? Is the melody catchy enough? Also have in mind that alot of artists are very sensitive when it comes to getting feedback on their work, therefore you should try not to be too harsh on the feedback. There must be something in the track that you think is good. Try to think like if you sent in a song, what would you want them to write? It’s of course important to be honest, but just because it’s a matter of personal taste doesnt mean that the song is bad produced for example. You can still give them feedback for the production, chord progression, melody or whatever it might be that’s good, even though it’s not your personal cup of tea.

Make sure that you are regurarly updating – Make sure that you are regurarly updating your playlists. I update my playlists every Friday since that is the official day for new releases. I try to update with around 10-20 new tracks in every update. I have built a ”top 10” which is basically me putting 10 tracks at the top of my playlist, that can be tracks that are really hot at the moment, tracks that I know that my audience likes and also new releases from popular artists. Also make sure that your playlist is not too long, or not too short. I try to keep my playlist around 75 tracks and that’s what we in Sweden would call “lagom”, which basically means “just right”. 🙂

Build a relationship with your audience – Make sure to use the power of social media to build a relationship with your audience. Set up an instagram account, twitter, facebook page etc for your playlists. Since social media is bringing us closer together and gives the audience a chance to get involved in your work it’s a great way to communicate with the people following your playlists. It’s also a great way for building your playlists and brand to get new followers with targeted campaigns.