Artistlib blog

Who am i and what is Artistlib?

I thought that i’d start this blog with introducing myself, introducing Artistlib and my goals and visions for it.

My name is Robin, i’m an artist/producer and a playlist curator. For as long as i can remember i have always had a huge passion for music. I love to listen to all kinds of music and i find inspiration from all genres, but my heart beats extra hard for electronic music. I’ve been making my own music since 2018 but i’ve always been practicing music in one way or another. I started playing the guitar in my early childhood years and i have since then been dreaming of making my own music but never really did anything about it. It wasn’t until i was in my late 20’s that i started to produce my own music and i don’t regret starting for one second!

As i mentioned, i listen to all kinds of music and am not really limited to any specific genres. I still remember the first time i heard Pink Floyd. Shine on you crazy diamond, oh man i was hooked from the first riff! The fact that i have such a broad taste in music has really been something that has been to my advantage when it comes to creating my own music with the influences i get from everywhere.

I have also always loved to show other people new music. I remember back in the days when we were using MSN messenger, long before Facebook, Instagram or any of the other social media platforms that we know of today. I was always sharing mp3 files with my friends. They didn’t even have to ask for it, i shared it anyway. I could literally start a conversation just sharing a song. The satisfaction i got when introducing a song or a band for someone and they liked it was indescribable!

This has led me in to curating playlists. I started out just sharing my playlists with friends, family, co-workers, whoever i could find to share it with that might like the music i’ve put on there. I think i started to curate my playlists somewhere in the middle of 2019 and i saw that people were actually listening to my playlists.

That is when i started to take on submissions, at first i was doing it through an email that i setted up and it didnt take long before the email started to get flooded by submissions. Then i thought to myself that i gotta do this smoother, i should set up like a form or a website so that i can keep better track on the submissions. Then i got the idea that i could set up a website where curators could receive submissions and also give a review on the tracks that they get sent in to them. This review is something that the artists can use to develop as an artist, and also use for marketing. Could this be something that i could turn in to a business both for me and other curators? I started to search the net and i saw that there was already similar sites to my idea. Well, why would that stop me? I can still do it, and i can do it my way.

I contacted one of my best friends, Rickard Safaei that is running his own digital agency and has been coding and creating websites for as long as i can remember. I pitched my idea to him and he loved it from the first second. He got just as passionated for the project as me and has come up with alot of good ideas for the site.

Then all of a sudden out of nowhere it starting to spread around the news that this new virus was spreading from China. This virus turned out to be a global pandemic that all of a sudden stopped the whole world. The pandemic striked really hard on the music business with cancelled gigs and tours. That makes this even more important since all artists and managements out there are loosing their biggest source of income; gigs. This means that distributing music and getting streams becomes more important now than ever and the best way to get streams is of course to get playlisted.

So why in the earth am i making a blog on the webiste? Well, the answer is quite simple. I want to be personal, i want people to be able to get a face of the people that is behind Artistlib and i also think it’s a great idea to involve people in the process of making Artistlib. I know how frustrating it can be when you are using a service and it really feels like you’re buying a service from a machine. You try to reach out to the staff and all you can find are automated answers. I don’t want that robotic feeling here on Artistlib.

So what are my visions for the blog, Artistlib etc?

My visions for the blog is that i will update it just like any other music blogs out there, i will do articles where i’ll write about curating playlists, creating music, the music business, interviews with other playlist curators, artists etc. My visions for Artistlib is for it to be more than just a submission website. I want to build it like a community, the artists profile should be like his/her CV where the curator/industry people can get a glimpse on what and who they are dealing with. I want to build a bridge between artists, curators and the music industry. I would love for artists to come to Artistlib to search for inspiration, share tips & tricks with eachother etc.

This is our journey, and it has just begun….