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Why choose to be a curator at Artistlib?


There are several benefits with curating at Artistlib. I thought that i’d make a list of the benefits that you’ll get by signing up as a playlist curator.

  • You’ll have all your submissions in one place. –

As a playlist curator you receive thousands of submissions for your playlists. Alot of curators gets submissions sent to them by email. When you start out it’s a good way to receive your submissions, but after a while you will get tons of emails and it will be hard for you to keep up. With Artistlib you will still receive a great ammount of submissions, but you will have everything well oriented and easy to access. This way you wont miss out on any good tracks that you’d love to feature in your playlists.

  • Earn money –

When an artist sends you a premium or express submission they are also asking for your feedback on their song. If you respond within the time frame you will receive money from the submission. Either $1 for a premium submission, or $2 for an express submission. The founder of Artistlib, is both an artist and a playlist curator and knows exactly how it feels to struggle with balancing your time between your daytime job, working in the studio and also finding time to curate your playlists. My vision and i think most of other peoples vision as well has always been to turn my passion for music in to my full time job. With Artistlib we want to give you that opportunity.

  • Quick and personalized customer support –

We are a small team and we believe in personalized customer experience rather than the feeling of talking to a machine. I know how frustrating it can be when you are trying to reach out to the staff of a service that you’re using and you only get automated answers to your questions.

  • Grow your playlist –

With Artistlib you can also choose to receive standard submissions. A standard submission is free for the artist to send to you. However, the artist will have to follow your playlist in order for them to to send a submission. We make sure that they keep following your playlist and not only follows for the submission and then unfollows. If they choose to unfollow, it will appear that they are not following the playlist and the submission is not valid.

  • Get connected with the music industry–

Our vision with Artistlib is to build it like a community and to be a bridge to the music industry. Not only for the artists but also for the curators. As a curator you get alot of experience when it comes to promoting and also listening to music, and if you’re good at what you’re doing you will learn how to recognize a hit song. If you can use that experience and everything that you learn along the way you can be really valuable for the music industry. As a curator you have the power to reach out to thousands of people.